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How to Navigate through Rabbit Food and Nurture Your Pet

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Posted: 5/15/2022
Expires: 11/13/2022

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Getting a pet of any kind is a great joy, but also a great responsibility. Nothing compares to having a companion that offers unconditional love and relies on you for everything. You oversee their development, health, wellbeing, and happiness. When you look into their food, you must take into account what is suitable and what items to be avoided at all costs. Rabbit food comes in many varieties, and you can feed your furry friend fresh vegetables and fruits, but there are other essential items to consider.

Think about their constantly growing teeth, and how rabbits need to munch all the time. For this aspect, and for many other health benefits, Timothy hay is highly recommended. There are different versions available, from the first or second cut, and hay that is best for adult bunnies, or in the mating season. The key is to purchase high-quality products that offer the right level of nutrition and improves digestion.

What Rabbit Food Is Safe

It is very common to see that rabbits eat plenty of carrots and lettuce, because this is what it is advertised in cartoons and movies, but this is not always the case. Their diet should not consist only of these two elements, they need more balance regarding rabbit food, including hay, fresh vegetables, fruits, and some pellets. Their digestive system is very sensitive, so anything new you introduce in their diet must be done gradually, to give it time to adjust.

At the bottom of the food pyramids for rabbits is hay. It consists of up to 90% of their diet, and unlimited supplies should be provided at all times. Grass hays are the best, and you should always inspect the quality, to make sure dust or mold does not exist. Otherwise, your bunny will become sick. Finding a reliable source is strongly encouraged, and you don’t have to pick hay on your own, you can find it at pet shops.

Timothy hay is a very popular choice, and highly recommended for bunnies, along with oat hay and orchard grass. You can choose one type to feed your pet or mix them up. Alfalfa hay is not recommended for adult bunnies, because it is a legume, and it is too rich in fats. Rabbits under one year can be fed this type of legume, but once they get older, owners should switch to grass hay. Every stage has its own dietary requirements.

Why Choose Timothy Hay

If you added a rabbit, guinea pig or chinchilla in your family, then you need to be very well informed regarding their nutrition and wellbeing. Hay is an important part of their lives, and Timothy hay is a good example that should always be around. It has the needed nutrition levels and a great texture, so your small animal loves to chew on it all day long. It is a perennial grass that increased in popularity along with small pets.

People should not confuse this type of hay with livestock hay, because small animals require finer, tastier, and softer hay. It is usually cut early in the season, and providers pay a lot of attention to its harvest. Of course, it always helps to read labels, and know exactly what you provide your companion, because not all manufacturers are the same, and it is important to know as much as possible about the varieties available on the market.

The benefits

To get to know more about Timothy hay, it is best to learn about the benefits provided. Most people know about cats and dogs, but the truth is that herbivores have a different digestive system and anatomy. It requires grazing constantly, since in the wild, rabbits spend the majority of their time searching for food and munching. Stools are kept in good condition due to the fiber moving through their tract.

Keeping extra weight away and preventing bloating are the most important parts of their diets. Especially if you keep the little one inside the house, imagine that they don’t have the chance to run around too much. In the wild they run fast, hide from predators, search for holes, and are in constant alert. This means that their weight is leaner and kept under control better. This aspect needs to be compensated and taken into consideration.

Healthy teeth

Throughout their lifespan, the teeth of rabbits, chinchillas, and guinea pigs grow constantly, and if they are not worn down, they will face health problems, and will not be able to feed anymore, drink water, and sustain themselves. Munching on Timothy hay satisfies their natural need of chewing, but also deals with ever-growing teeth.

Other great snacks are apple sticks, and you can use toys, so that animals tug and pull on them while they chew. Other examples of suitable rabbit food include berries, bananas, melon, papaya, peach, pineapple, watermelon, plum, and seedless cherries. Of course, it is best to give them in moderation, meaning one or two times per week. Vegetables suitable for daily consumption include bok choy, bell peppers, cucumber, lettuces, zucchini, fennel, carrot tops, sprouts, and wheatgrass.

How to Combine Rabbit Food

Knowing how to combine rabbit food is essential to make sure your bunny stays in good health and you will have them around for a long time. Pellets are recommended for rabbits as well, but it is best to limit the quantity and give them in small batches. An adult bunny requires only a quarter of a cup of Timothy hay pellets per day.

Greens and vegetables are adored by bunnies, and you can provide the greens found in supermarkets. Combining two or three vegetables is ideal, and you should provide one cup of fresh varieties daily. If your pet has any dietary restrictions or health issues, always talk with your vet to find out what it is safe for your pet, and what foods should be avoided at all costs. Bunnies should not be given corn, potatoes, nuts, or beans, because these are hard to digest and can cause serious complications.

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