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The Importance of Choosing Suitable Bird Cages

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Posted: 6/12/2022
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Bringing home, a pet bird is thrilling and exciting, but in the same time challenging. There are many bird supplies required, and you need to prepare the space very well, so that your companion adapts quickly. You must know as much as possible about the breed, eating habits, necessary toys, supplements, cages, what to place inside, how often to feed them, and such. These are required to create a welcoming and thriving environment for your feathered friend.

Especially when it comes to bird cages, owners are overwhelmed with all the possibilities. Different sizes exist, made from various materials, and every breed has certain requirements. You cannot place a large parrot in a small cage, or a small bird in a large cage that has much space between the bars, since they can easily fit through and escape. Knowing what to look for is crucial, and a quick guide comes in handy.

What Questions to Ask Regarding Bird Cages

Regarding bird cages, there are some questions you should ask. One of the most important factors is the size of the cage, how spacious it should be, how much space should the bird have. What if you have multiple birds? How much space do they require? Keep in mind that inside the cage you have to place other essentials, such as food and water bowls, some toys, swings, and perches. The material from which the cage is manufactured matters, since large parrots have strong beaks, and they can chew through some of them.

There isn’t a cage model suitable for all birds, because these companions have different lifestyles, and owners prefer to keep them in different ways. For instance, some birds are free to fly around the house all day long, and they use the cage as sleeping area. Others spend most of the time inside the cage, flying around or standing still. You can always discuss with your vet to find out what works best.

Bar spacing matters and it refers to the amount of space between the bars. While other aspects are flexible and depend on the birds’ living conditions, bar spacing is standard and has one rule: the bird should not fit between the bars. This is to prevent injuries and escapes, and to allow the companion to climb on them, play, and fly. The last thing you want is to find your companion stuck between the bars, or even worse, escaped through an open window.

What Other Bird Supplies You Need

The cage will become your pet’s living space, and you want to make it as comfortable and inviting as possible. This means that you should not cramp your companion, otherwise you will soon notice some negative behavior from their side. Having enough internal space is crucial, and this means your pet should have enough space to move around, flap their wings, turn around, and even enjoy some additional bird supplies.

Many pet owners forget about the fact that they need to put other essentials inside the cage that will eventually take a lot of space. If they purchase a cage that is small or just right for the bird, and they soon start to stack it up with perches, treat dispensers, food, and water dishes, they will need to reconsider their choice and get a bigger cage. Bigger cages allow birds to move around, and if you are away during the day, they might feel bored and cramped, so why take the risk?

Needed products

Before welcoming the bird in your home or as soon as you do, you should stock some essential bird supplies. Some of the items you will discover along the way, but it is always better to be prepared and know what to purchase. For instance, you may need cage liners, to clean the cage a lot easier. This means you will put a type of material on the bottom of the cage and clean or dispose of it when it becomes filled with droppings.

A hiding place might not sound very familiar to pet parents, but keep into account that your feathered friend needs privacy as well, and it needs to hide from time to time. You can use some items you have around the house or purchase a next box from a pet shop. It will look better inside the cage, and it fits your bird perfectly.


Toys are among the top bird supplies required for your companion. No pet should be without toys, because they help with the proper development of physical and mental health. You can find some toys in nature directly, such as pine cones, that will keep the beak healthy. However, pet stores have a variety of products available, including toys developed especially for chewing, foraging, and cuddling.

First aid kits are necessary for birds of all kind. Just like you keep some products in your home, you should purchase some bird supplies for your beloved pet. At some point, you will need some items, and until you get to the vet, or if it is a minor incident, you can use the kit available. For instance, purchase a styptic pencil to easily stop bleeding.

Where to Find Bird Cages

Finding bird cages is definitely not an issue nowadays. There are so many shops that sell some amazing products, perfectly suitable for your companion. Stainless steel models are highly appreciated, because they are easy to clean and sanitize. Not to mention they blend in nicely with any décor you have inside the house. Always place the cage in a cool area, so that your bird can see what is happening around, but in the same time has some privacy.

Many owners care about the design of bird cages, because they want the models to blend in nicely with what they have around. Your pet should feel safe and comfortable inside, and not feel restrained and confined. A pet shop offers access to the available models on the market, and you can easily compare them, find out how big and spacious they are.

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