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The sword rises in the sea

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Posted: 8/1/2022
Expires: 1/30/2023

Asia, Pacific and Middle East : Thailand > Surat Thani
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The sword rises in the sea

Zhong Hai wields his sword lightly and every sword will be saved by attacking it The sword rainbow swims in the gap of the sword The five knives that the fierce lion attacked were all forced to change their tactics halfway to save themselves and none of them could really use their strength Once five knives are used the fierce flame disappears If you drop half of it you can't get it up! Nine companions died and fled Industrial pallet rack leaving him alone His fierce and unstoppable swordsmanship was useless He was not frightened "It's better to walk with thirty-six steps If you don't walk your life will be in danger" "Hey!" He sent out a loud roar made a gesture to attack but drew an arc of light and made a desperate move Unmoved Zhonghai sneered "If you want to run for your life can you" The fierce lion's sword move was only half sent and as expected by Zhonghai it immediately flew backwards and retreated The sword guard assisted the former and flew back more than ten feet Zhonghai is like an invisible ghost and the purple tip of the sword moves with the other side following closely like a shadow attached to the shape The fierce lion's heart and gallbladder were all cracked With a loud shout he brandished his knife and fiercely split the shadow of the sword Purple rainbow suddenly retreat and suddenly spit out from behind "Ga" a strange sound the tip of the sword into the lion's Qikan hole immediately There is room for sudden retreat The fierce lion stood on uneven feet slanted eight feet away suddenly gave a wild cry and fell to the ground wailing Zhonghai took back all the throwing swords and went to the grey-faced little shemale The little shemale slowly closed his eyes and said with a deep sigh "Don't ask me I have nothing to say Do it" Zhong Hai took out an antidote pill and put it into his hand "Miss Jin" he said with a smile "I know you have difficulties This It is an elixir that can cure all kinds of poisons Listen to my advice and leave Sichuan as soon as possible Go home Wandering in Jianghu is not the end of the game Be cynical Pallet rack supplier It is useless to be jealous of vulgarity Instead it will harm others and oneself Why bother The mountains are long and the rivers are far away See you later I hope you will take good care of yourself Shi Xiaomei told the younger brother Say hello to you and hope we can get together again one day The little shemale opened his eyes slowly and stared at him intently He asked faintly "Brother aren't you here to kill me" "" "No I picked their North Road incense case knowing that you were escorted to Qiqu Mountain by them so I rushed after you to rescue you" I was lucky to catch up with him "Oh!"! Return good for evil brother You've got a lot on your plate How can you rush around here alone with a sword What are you going to do You didn't die in Shunqing The Poisonous Lady is doomed to failure "Sister Jin is Zou Ruiyue really a poisonous lady" "Yes that's her" "As expected Brother Keats didn't lie to me" "Are you going to" "She must be rewarded" Zhong Hai said bitterly adding "There are too many people who died in her hands" "Why not persuade her to go straight She's a wretch too" Zhong Hai shook his head and said disapprovingly "Elder sister you have the idea of Buddhist children laying down their butcher knives and becoming Buddhas and you have also done it" When bandits conquer the world if they are strong they will rob the house and if they are weak they will accept the idea of being a hero No wonder the world is full of people who take risks So much warehouse rack manufacturer Imagine what those who died at her hands would think in their grave Kill and set fire for decades and then set fire when you are old Under the butcher's knife you can become a Buddha Do people who die deserve to die Is it too cruel to be harsh on the dead Since Buddhism There is a saying of karma If you lay down the butcher's knife and become a Buddha it is too far-fetched to deceive yourself and others Sister you can leave safely Zitong With the antidote what am I afraid of Are you going to "I'm going to be an old dog" Just now someone sent a decree from the leader of the association asking the master of the association to come to Zitong to wait for orders I'm on my way Wait for him "The Poisonous Lady has laid a dragnet in Qiqu Mountain You must not take risks" "Won't the younger brother is not stupid look for them to fight a decisive battle in the periphery not enjoyable" Little brother is not a man of courage not to mention He wanted to be called a hero so he rushed to the Dragon Pool and Tiger's Den Poisonous Lady can she stay in Qiqu Mountain for a lifetime She will leave one day My God is it "Brother I'm very relieved about your idea" "Sister do you know the news of the Black Flag Lord" "Yesterday I came from Tongchuan and walked behind him He should have settled down in the city"

You're looking for him The main altar of Xiaoluoshan Dragon Tiger and Wind and Cloud Meeting has been destroyed and the couple who captured the Dragon Guest have also died Tianxuan Sword has taken the hostages to Cheng All I want to find the Black Flag to order him to defect anyway His sons and nephews are out of the cage and fall into our hands I'm not afraid he won't agree "Well leave it to me and I'll go to him" "All right!"! In the evening we will meet at the foot of the right city outside the north gate The younger brother is waiting for the elder sister's reply "It's a deal I'll see you in the third watch tonight I'll tell you if there's any news" "All right be careful" The two men broke up and went their separate ways Zhonghai took a shortcut to go back and waited in ambush on the path leading to the south of Taniguchi However he was disappointed and the Jade Kirin had already gone one step ahead following the disciple who had sent the message Wait for two hours eyes red The sun was slanting in the west and he couldn't wait any longer so he decided to rush into the valley and destroy the temporary secret altar He stopped sneaking around and walked along the path into the valley Half a mile away I entered a pine forest and suddenly felt the wind behind my ears He had been on guard for a long time and suddenly he swept forward eight feet and stopped Spin draw the sword move like a flash of lightning at one go fast peerless Behind him he quietly pounced on the person who was plotting with a knife and lost the knife He caught up with a move to "push the door to see off the guests" and followed up to send out the knife Xiang Zhonghai's vest Zheng! The sparks were flying and the sword was swinging away Brush "The sound of the wind makes one's hair stand on end The purple rainbow sweeps over the top door of the big fellow The turban comes out in response to the sword and the red light collapses" Now Zihong huffed and puffed sharply and the big fellow's ears fell Why don't you get out Zhong Hai closed his sword and shouted The big fellow covered his ears with both hands and ran away After a pine tree three Zhangs away another big fellow stood there in a daze seeing the face of Zhonghai clearly and suddenly it was terrible "Dragon of the Earth!" Then his legs went limp and he sat down on the ground Zhonghai ignored it and turned around and strode away The big fellow's cry of horror alarmed the third hidden pile the warning came out the situation in the village is tight

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