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Beauty Remembers by Qi He Xiang

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Posted: 8/1/2022
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Beauty Remembers by Qi He Xiang

"After Miss Ren went to pay her respects to Princess An someone quietly checked the source of the jujubes used by the palace They were from the Yao family This must be the reason why Princess An thanked Miss Ren" Cheng Anlan said to Han yuandie "That jujube was purchased in Lushi's shop The comprador of Anwangfu has been using their goods for seven or eight years Nothing has ever happened coltan ore processing But last month a son of the Lu family who was raised outside got an official who was released outside He took a note approved by His Royal Highness Anwang" "It's His Highness King An" Han yuandie was shocked No Cheng Anlan said "I went back to His Royal Highness the King of Qi His Royal Highness the King of Qi said that His Royal Highness would not be so stupid and there was no need to poison Princess An to make room for anyone He told me to investigate again Finally it was found out that it was Concubine Huang who did it" "That makes sense" Han yuan Diedao Now that she is pregnant with the precious child of His Royal Highness King An it is not surprising that she has some bad thoughts Han yuandie thought about it this matter should have nothing to do with King An's forced abdication although she has been nervous about the forced abdication but always can not find the opportunity to say to Cheng Anlan Fang Hong the governor of Jiangsu had been taken to Beijing for more than three months but there had been no news and there had been no movement in Sichuan The special group appointed by the emperor was responsible for this matter Even His Royal Highness the King of Qi had not found out the news Han yuandie had been paying close attention to it and he could only talk about it when the time came Thinking of Sichuan Han yuandie asked curiously "How did you find out that it was actually done by Huang Fang Fei" "This is complicated When we checked we found that someone was adding clues in the dark so that the investigation pointed to His Highness the King of Qi I have reported the specific situation to His Highness the King of Qi You don't have to worry about it His Highness also said that you are really a lucky star!" Cheng Anlan's eyes fell on the bright red wedding dress hanging in Han yuandie's boudoir and his mind was no longer on it Regardless of his royal Highness or five princes Ren big girl Cheng Anlan has been thrown out of the sky only looking at the gold thread full of embroidered red wedding dress eyes can not say eager there are two days is an auspicious day Han yuandie will marry him! Six years ago the chubby fierce big-eyed little girl poked her head out from behind the stone and said something that still seemed to be in her ears I'm going to marry him now! Chapter 114 April 17 is an auspicious day It was a sunny day and it was already a little hot I wore three layers of butterfly clothes and my face was red It was useless to put ice in the room I kept wiping my sweat and making up Cheng Anlan rode a tall horse Portable gold trommel to meet the bride with all his brothers all of them were military officers with grades on horseback tough and iron-blooded which attracted countless crowds to watch This is the little general Cheng who came back from the northwest! When he was only ten years old he dared to lead the team to chase the Capricorn slave for thousands of miles! What a hero! "Yes or come back and make a count" How old is this Is it only twenty "Ah I heard that this lady was the girl that General Cheng saved at the city gate when he sent his troops back to the court tin beneficiation plant " What a heroic beauty! It's better than singing in the play! “……” Luo San immediately listened to the comments of the crowd complacent how well he controlled the public opinion back to find sister-in-law to claim credit! When Cheng Anlan arrived at the door of Han's house Han yuandie's brother Han Chengxin rushed out He was also wearing a small red dress Yuxue was lovely He jumped up and shouted "Sister Brother Cheng is coming!" All the people watching the scene of bustle burst into laughter Cheng Anlan picked him up and the man behind him immediately handed him a red envelope Cheng Anlan thought not much literary talent this is ready for the red envelope to open the way but the Han family actually did not intend to embarrass him let him directly into the door and since Han Chengxin the masters of the Han family did not say even along the way servant woman called a son-in-law said a hundred years of good union that immediately behind someone handed over a reward of two or two silver

That's what the brothers said How can you pick up a big girl without spending money Of course this is not a rule but Cheng Anlan can afford to spend but also willing to spend he would like the world to know that he married today he married yuanyuan today! Wish all the people in the world were happy for him the Han family not to mention anything else the servants have all been happy as if they were married uncle is so generous! Han yuandie at this time there is no feeling of marriage she can not remember what it was like to marry him in her last life but this life is a distinct feeling that is feel hot burning eyeful of Carbon in Pulp red looks even hotter she is a lady with a second grade of life phoenix crown rosy clouds more complicated than ordinary auspicious clothes but also hotter Almost subconsciously she followed Xi Niang's words Holding only an apple in her hand she got into and out of the sedan chair saying nothing until she stood in the wedding hall and heard the master of ceremonies shouting "Worship heaven and earth!" Han yuandie was suddenly excited and something overwhelmed her Last life missed she got back then last life she was taken away and how to get back Han yuandie stood in a daze a little unable to come to his senses She was startled by Cheng Anlan who blurted out "yuanyuan" Han yuandie was called back to God by yuanyuan who was called to the present many years ago She will surely get back the good life she should have! She smiled under the handkerchief and bowed down You know you can't drink! "" The bride Han yuandie talked to the bridegroom like an old married couple To say so Han yuandie also knew that there was no bridegroom who didn't drink at the wedding banquet so she just asked someone to twist a hot towel to wipe him and lit Chang Xiaobai's incense in the room which was said to be able to calm down and relieve the discomfort of drunkenness and then threw him on the bed no matter what he would not consummate the marriage anyway Han yuandie sat at the table drinking water Today she was so hot that she was about to dehydrate Others didn't give her water Chang Xiaobai saw the hot weather and knew that the bride had no water to drink He stole time to give her two drinks His eyebrows were wrinkled with heartache In the end is the brother and sister all take Han yuandie as a treasure

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