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Burn the sky

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Posted: 8/1/2022
Expires: 1/30/2023

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Burn the sky

Elder Martial Brother Lu was the last one to come over The place behind him was gradually closing up By this time he had recovered his sprezzatura He said kindly to the others "We have to go from here to there for a while and then we can break through a layer of void barrier and enter a space There are a lot of devils living in it and many kinds of devils are quite rare You can follow what you have learned and what you like" Conquer the devils outside the territory for arm help I have come here to subdue some of the devils of the Fire Department Don't rob me brothers When Elder Martial Brother gold heap leaching Lu finished speaking he took a meaningful look at Chen Qi Of these people only he and Chen Qi practiced the fire system so this sentence also implied something Chen Qi smiled and said "Of course you should Elder Martial Brother Lu spent a lot of effort to bring us here Isn't it too impersonal to fight with him for the devils" Elder Martial Brother Lu was slightly surprised He didn't know why Chen Qi was so easy to talk to but he didn't know this little thief Although he practiced a lot of fire Taoism he didn't follow the same path with him Even Chen Qi didn't care about the Taoist soldiers of the Fire Department but in the bottom of his heart he thought to himself "It would be great if I could subdue some more Yin and Yang ghosts and increase the power of the Taiji Diagram" The rest of the extra-territorial devils are of no use to me This small team which originally had some undercurrents calmed down again after Chen Qi said that he had no intention of fighting with Elder Martial Brother Lu for the devils of the Fire Department Everyone's escape light is fast or slow but at the moment they are all United You should know that this place is already a void outside the territory There are countless devils and many kinds of devils The magic powers of each kind of devils are not the same There are often groups of people who are good at sneak attacks Therefore no matter how high the magic power is you should always be careful As Chen Qi released the Fire Cloud Forbidden Law he thought to himself "It's really not good enough to use the Cloud Dun magic in the void outside the territory I can't bear the force when I'm floating around It's very uncomfortable to resist Dun" It is said that in the void the Taoism of the thunder system and the star system is superior and the rainbow escape method of the fire system is better than that of the cloud system Should I change my way of escape Chen Qi did have one on hand the most suitable for flying in the void that is a star shuttle composed of countless stars and armored beasts This kind of magic weapon flies in the void faster and more stable than other magic weapons However Chen Qi was only a "top warrior" before It was not appropriate to reveal his identity in front of He Lingbing It was not safe to reveal a lot of details in front of the rest of the people Chen Qi thought about it for a moment but let it go This group of people flew for a few hours then felt the void barrier Chen Qi had an experience but also did not panic With this group fly away for a long time this just crossed the void barrier and then saw dozens of stars sodium cyanide price closely arranged cloth into a small star map array I don't know how many foreign devils suddenly rose and fell on dozens of stars Chen Qiyun used the golden pupil sword of Liuhuo to urge the essence of the fire in his eyes He immediately released two red palaces in his eyes and swept around the dozens of stars through the void of hundreds of thousands of miles There are also a group of Yin and Yang ghosts here but they are fighting with another group of foreign devils and it seems that they have not been able to gain the upper hand Chen Qi took away the magic and stared at it in that direction A group of Yin and Yang ghosts numbering two or three thousand were fighting with a group of devils outside the territory like colorful lanterns These colorful lantern-like devils outside the territory accumulate one by one huffing and puffing the colorful light and fighting with the Yin and Yang of the Yin and Yang ghosts in the east Whenever they are brushed by these two streams of air countless devils meteorites are turned into rolling True Qi which becomes the nutrient to nourish these two groups of devils outside the territory Seeing this Chen Qi was overjoyed and thought to himself "Such an opportunity is once in a blue moon It's time to take away these two groups of devils" That group of colorful lantern-like devils even Yin and Yang ghosts can contend with the east the power is really extraordinary tight Chen Qi secretly with the help of heaven and earth Honglu big The cover of the law He reduced the Tai Chi diagram to a little halo the size of his fist and flew out The phosgene was too small for anyone to notice

After flying hundreds of miles with the help of the rest of the foreign devils and meteorites it turned into a flow of Yin and Yang and flew straight to the two groups of devils who were struggling Elder Martial Brother Lu didn't have the small gold wash plant magic power of Chen Qi He couldn't see dozens of stars at a glance He could only see the periphery of a star in front of him He said to the crowd "Our magic power is not enough to deal with billions of foreign devils We should be careful in the near future Don't get too close to those devils" We should first pick up those devils who are wandering outside and never be greedy for merit Under the leadership of Elder Martial Brother Lu they still merged the escape light into one place and Chen Qi also released the heaven and earth furnace with the crowd but after flying out of the Taiji diagram his ID consciousness also flew away with the Taiji diagram leaving only the magic power of Taishang Hualong Jue in his body and hundreds of thoughts the real power dropped by a level although others could not see it But he Ling Bing is familiar with his background slightly frowned I do not know why Chen Qi magic power suddenly fell Small! Say ! txt! God Don 383 great opportunity Before Elder Martial Brother Lu made a move Chen Qi didn't know his background and he was still a little afraid But in order to show his muscles in front of several Younger Martial Sisters Elder Martial Brother Lu deliberately used the Xunli Flame Array at the bottom of the box so that the little thief could see the level of his magic power and he was no longer afraid Chen Qi thought to himself that he was 78% sure and confident that he had caught all the disciples of Huan Tian Shrine including Elder Martial Brother Lu Hu Zichen and Li Ranxiang But Chen Qi after all the heart is clear but also thought of another obstacle so thought for a while or suspended the idea of making a move What he thought of was that although his wife He Lingbing was indifferent she was not a ruthless and ruthless person with high morality in her heart Chen Qi said before that it was to avenge the murder of the whole family for his brother This reason should be impeccable in He Lingbing's heart so He Lingbing would not think that Chen Qi was wrong But if he wants to kill so many disciples of Huan Tian Shrine for no reason it may not be easy for He Lingbing to pass that pass

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