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Willow setting sun blood axe

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Posted: 8/1/2022
Expires: 1/30/2023

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Willow setting sun blood axe

Looking up at the top of the dark wall there the curtain of running water bent into a slight arc like a huge silver brocade bending and shaking off so wonderful to cover the white rock of the wall forming another heaven and earth Han Shan sighed with admiration and sat down slowly cross-legged By the time Hanshan landed heavily on the ground he had already put Mengzha on the rock The rock was cold and slippery as a mirror In this cramped time Mengzha had turned around breathing heavily He had scratched a large piece of skin on his face He thought he had hurt it when he fell on the rock surface but oil dropper bottle he didn't seem to feel any pain at the moment He just looked around with a pair of muddy triangular eyes As a result the frontier tycoon saw clearly where he was now and his whole face suddenly showed a strong shock and compassion He stared blankly at the water curtain in front of him and his lips kept moving murmuring not knowing what to say For a long time Han Shan heaved a long breath opened his eyes and looked coldly at Meng Zha who was kneeling on the ground praying and kowtowing to the water curtain in disbelief It looked ridiculous and awkward Light cold mountain heavy way "Old man it seems that you should kowtow to the old man" Strangely the faint voice of Hanshan Chong made a violent empty and clear echo here Even Hanshan Chong himself was taken aback Only then did he realize that the surroundings were so quiet that the deafening sound of the water seemed to be isolated from the waterfall Meng Zha seemed to be like the first sleep of a dream He turned around with difficulty and smiled at Han Shan's ugly smile With a hoarse voice he said awkwardly "Uh" Han dog no old man this rock surface is so slippery Cold mountain heavy hum hum way "When you enter the White Jade Palace you will find that even the walls inside are smooth" Meng Zha hesitated and stood there in great embarrassment He seemed to be hesitating about something He looked like he was about to stop talking Han Shanzhong half closed his eyes and said The scene in front of him Han Shanzhong's words he didn't seem to hear With a chuckle the laughter seeped into the thunderous sound of the waterfall and Han Shan shouted again "Now Mengzha where is your heroism just now" As a hero you should show your heroic behavior! The fierce ceremony suddenly back mercilessly stare at the cold mountain heavy roar way "Han Dog why don't 30ml dropper bottle you go first" Han Shan suddenly burst into laughter laughter suddenly high such as split stone and the roaring sound of water to cater to each other until it overwhelmed the voice of that person! Meng Zha felt that the laughter was like an invisible palm covering his heart which made him almost breathless so terrible and powerless in his dream Suddenly ─ Han Shanzhong's thin body floated gently like a bird feather flying over the waterfall and the river so slightly light it had floated to the front of the place where Meng Zha stood in the air in front of him glass cream jars In the misty mist Meng Zha could see Han Shanzhong's face with a faint sarcastic smile His eyes which were as bright as cold electricity were looking at him He was floating in the air with wild waves below and waterfalls flying in the air on his side If he had not seen this scene with his own eyes he would not have believed it Man was an animal living on the ground! It seemed that the cold mountain was used to floating in the void but he was fixed there lightly which was separated by the space five feet away As a result the frontier tycoon was really shocked At this time he knew the depth and specificity of the martial arts in the Central Plains But at this moment how did he swallow this tone Han Shan grinned heavily in the air and beckoned to him a tangible and immaterial ghost who pursued his enemies in cosmetic packaging wholesale the darkness of the night Teasing his enemy Meng Zha shivered unconsciously and Han Shanzhong floated down toward him his feet just reaching the edge of the cliff! "Why don't you come and try the flavor of flying between heaven and earth on the shore of wild waves hey!" Meng Zha clenched his teeth and stared at the cold mountain which was like a thin willow branch swaying on the edge of the cliff It seems that he can fall into the waves at the bottom of the cliff at any time But he just couldn't fall

Cold mountain heavy skimming lips and loudly way "Mengzha this is the Jiuquan intersection of life and death but you can't turn around You're afraid but you can't go back can you" Meng Zha's face was livid the corners of his mouth kept twitching and he did not answer Han Shan looked at him coldly and his voice was like Jiao Lei "There is a proverb in China which says 'Man dies for money and birds die for food' This is the best way to describe the greedy instinct of all living things Mengzha today you or uncle have embarked on this road When our purpose is the same we must rely on our own ability to seize it" With a sudden wild cry he roared "Han Dog the Red Lion will gamble with you even if he dies!" Han Shan clapped his hands --so that his body gave a great shake "Well have a backbone though the result still leaves you with nothing" He chuckled and added "Besides your life will go to the end" Meng Zha's ferocious face was completely twisted and deformed His lips trembled and the light in his eyes was crazy red Like a wounded beast he rushed out of the cliff At the moment when his body left the ground he rolled three times in the air and then spread his arms smoothly like a big bird Cold mountain heavy long laugh shot like an angry arrow a circle has closely followed in the fierce Zha side his face is full of water marks congealed beads roar loudly "Meng Zha your light body skill is a little better than your uncle imagined!" At this time where does Mengzha have the spirit and spare power to answer Holding his breath he tried to slow down the fall of his body but the rolling river at his feet and the swirling waves were still so compelling that the whole world began to spin backwards! Cold mountain heavy back a bow suddenly pulled up two Zhangs in the body pulled up the instant he shouted "Meng Zha go to the White Jade Palace!" This huge roar every clangorous sound is still in the surging water the cold mountain has suddenly shot to the curtain of water

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