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Start from scratch

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Posted: 8/1/2022
Expires: 1/30/2023

Asia, Pacific and Middle East : Taiwan > taiwan
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Start from scratch

"恩 I'm done Are you free now I want to go over and talk to you about the propulsion technology of the torpedo "Oh yes" Where are you I'll pick you up "No just tell me the name of your city" "It's called the Palace of the Sea King and you can just find a transmission station" "I'm looking for it and I'll talk to you when I get there!" "Of course" I'm waiting for you here After cutting off the private Oil Dropper Bottle chat we hurried with Jixiang and Ruyi and our goal was the nearby city The transport array in the starting city has been completely destroyed and now there is only a newly built transnational transport array and the transnational transport array and the ordinary transport array are not connected to each other so we have to walk to the nearby city first and then use the transport array My teleportation ring can be teleported directly but that thing can only bring one creature at a time and two pandas can't be brought together Along the way we were intercepted many times by players most of whom wanted to see it out of their love for pandas The few who don't know each other are basically the same as those at the beginning People who want to attack or abuse us will suffer anyway My understanding of mascots has now risen to a new level and I have found the nemesis of the American gun God No gun bow or arrow can hit us as long as we take good luck or look at it Gun God relies on the powerful destructive power of the gun if it can not be hit at all No matter how powerful the weapon is it is rubbish After getting rid of a large number of players we finally arrived at the nearest city After coming in we directly asked an NPC about the location of the transport array As a result the other side told me that there was no transport array in the city What How is that possible Even a village should have a transport array and the city doesn't look small Brother Guard don't lie to me How can there be no transport array in such a big city "Say no no go go go" Stay aside The NPC's tone is deadly Just at this time a knight like a small captain came over and said to the guard "There will be a convoy coming into the city from here You can take them directly to the transport array" "You lied to me You have a transport array" The knight turned to me and said ferociously "We have a transport array but it's only for internal use" Dizzy this city and my Isengard are the same! Is it all right for me to go into town "Of course you can" If we can enter the city it will be easy to handle At the worst we will rush with good luck and good wishes Anyway they can't do anything to us There are more natural players in the city and everyone stares at the panda Fortunately there was no crowd of onlookers blocking the traffic The transport array is very big and it is relatively easy to find After arriving at the gate of the transmission hall there was someone guarding the gate It seemed that it was really not allowed to be used by laymen First I took a look at the general situation inside After confirming the location Blue Bottle Serum I suddenly picked up Jixiang and Ruyi and rushed into the transmission hall The guards didn't expect me to suddenly rush in and by the time they reacted I was already in the door I was shocked when I turned around the front hall and entered the back transport area Boy the transmission hall is not empty at all There is a guard standing under every pillar inside This is the first time I've seen such a well-defended transport array and Isengard's equipment library is not as well guarded as here! Isn't that an exaggeration Both of us were stunned for a moment when we saw it But everyone reacted quickly I ran directly to the nearest transport array while they picked up their weapons and prepared to attack I didn't have time to play with them so I jumped directly into the transport array "The target is the Palace of the Sea King" As soon as the transport array lights up I am no longer in the same place Successfully arrived at the Palace of the Sea King Terry was already waiting for me beside the transport array As soon as he came out he stood up and said "You have finally arrived" What is this "Haven't you seen a giant panda" "Yes" Only Is there such a thing in the game "Of course" Why don't I know Tell me where to get it and I'll get two "Hey this is a system reward" You can't get the land "That's a pity" I laughed and put the two pandas on the ground

It's too tiring to hold The little guy is not light at all and he can't stop moving Where shall we go to negotiate a deal "Come this way" Terry lead the way Do pandas eat bamboo We don't seem to have it here Ha ha that's a real panda I don't eat bamboo "What do you eat" I'll have someone get some "You'd better not be busy These two little guys only eat magic spar They have eaten tens of thousands of me in less than three hours since they were born" "Eat the magic spar" Terry looked at the panda again It's really expensive I can't afford it "Don't be ridiculous If you can't afford it few people 30ml Dropper Bottle can afford it" "Who said I couldn't afford you" Out of the transport hall I suddenly found that the color of the light around me was not right I looked up and was startled A huge strange fish is flying over us It took me a while to realize that it wasn't a strange fish flying but we were underwater The Palace of the Sea King is actually a city in the water! Terry saw my confusion and explained with a smile "This was a system city" I shot it down The city is like this most of it is underwater and a small part is on the water The water on top is supported by a magic barrier which costs me thousands of yuan a month It's a bit of a luxury The pale green water overhead shows that it is not deep here and the sunlight shining through the water will leave bright spots on the ground You are so beautiful here "Beauty is useless!" Terry sighed "In fact I prefer the city on land but it took us a lot of effort to get it We are reluctant to give it up so easily but if we don't give it up the city's defense capability is really" "Is the defense here not good" 。

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