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There is room for a reborn legitimate daughter

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Posted: 8/1/2022
Expires: 1/30/2023

Asia, Pacific and Middle East : Thailand > Ubon Ratchathani
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There is room for a reborn legitimate daughter

"Two girls seven girls are here" Piao Niangzi glanced at them nodded pointed to the empty seat next to them and motioned to the two sisters to go over there There is an ingredient in each of the two positions which is not much just enough to make a sweet osmanthus cake but both ingredients have obviously been touched Su Huaining checked it carefully and saw that one thing was missing sugar Sweet osmanthus cake without sugar not sweet certainly not delicious she looked at Su Huaiqing see Su Huaiqing is proud to smile at her It's such a childish trick again hehe Su Huaining lowered his head and slightly hooked the corners of his mouth Just when Su Huaiqing thought that Su Huaining would not dare to complain as usual he saw Su Huaining suddenly shouted to the teacher "My sister and I are missing a portion of sugar in the ingredients and asked the teacher to check carefully whether the servant who was responsible for preparing the ingredients missed it or who stole it" "Su Huaining who will steal your sugar Don't spit blood at people" Su Huaiqing blushed and shouted How can it be a bloody mouth eight younger sister my sister and I just arrived Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle you see the ingredients on this table are indeed missing a sugar this will not be my empty words Su Huaining put all the ingredients on the table and Mrs Piao saw that there was indeed less sugar She lightly glanced at Su Huaiqing in shame and anger and guessed who the person who stole the sugar was However she was only a teacher of the Su family who had been invited to teach cooking and did not want to participate in the struggle of these aristocratic ladies She said "Now it's too late for someone to make up for it Well let's all take out the sugar and use it evenly If you lose two portions you can also get it evenly" As soon as they heard this some people were unhappy She's running low on sugar Why should we spare her Su Huaiqi the fourth girl pouted That is less is less There is no sugar in the sweet osmanthus cake and you won't have a stomachache if you eat it Su Huaizhu the third girl puffed out her cheeks apparently disagreeing with Lady Piao's arrangement Su Huaiqing was also full of malice "Teacher Piao if our sweet-scented osmanthus cake is not sweet enough then the waste will not be two ingredients but seven ingredients Moreover after my sweet-scented osmanthus cake is made I want to send it to my grandmother to eat Grandmother is the most sweet put a little less sugar she will not like it" Su Huaiyan had never been used to seeing these people in the big room She threw a bag of sugar on the table and said angrily "If you don't want to be even it won't be even We all know who took the sugar from the second sister and the seventh sister Since you don't want to be even we should take out all their sugar so that I won't be angry for a while When I go to get it it will make your face look bad" Chapter 89 open your eyes and lie "Humph" How old are you and you still do some children's things all day either hiding things or putting insects on the chair which is really boring Su Huaiyan said but also despised Su Huaiqing three people a few eyes Su Huaiqing and Su Huaiyan are the most difficult to deal with see her to help Su Huaining sister talk Empty Glass Foundation Bottle she immediately jumped feet way "who took you don't open your eyes to lie you saw why didn't you say at that time now after the fact I Bah you think you speak for others people will be grateful to you I can tell you she is a white-eyed wolf who can't feed enough she" My mother made clothes for her with good intentions She did so much She took away all the cloth that my mother bought for us from the south of the Yangtze River to make skirts for next spring What did she have in mind You ask her The emotional thing was known by Su Huaiqing so soon No wonder hearing that Su Huaining and her sister would come to Yanyu Lou today Su Huaiqing begged the old lady to show mercy and release her grounding Su Huaiyan also heard this matter however she made a very surprised look "hey grandfather is not said to big aunt jade pavilion in recent years to make up for the lack of share I remember this year seven younger sister's spring clothes is borrowed by eight younger sister how that spring clothes cloth not eight younger sister to seven younger sister" Every word of Su Huaiyan implied that Su Huaiqing was greedy for Su Huaining's clothes Su Huaiqing's little face was blue and purple but he was speechless to refute it

Every year the house would make four clothes for the girls in spring summer autumn and winter Su Huaiqing thought the four clothes were too few so she hinted that the embroidery women would make all Su Huaining's clothes into her size When the clothes were ready Su Huaining could not wear them when he went to get them Su Huaiqing would borrow them to wear After several years of this in the end Su Huaining had no clothes to wear and could only wear Su Huaiyu's old clothes Over time her clothes have basically become Su Huaiqing's In this matter Su Huaiqing ignored but was not willing to be so suppressed by Su Huaiyan She said angrily "I borrowed her clothes before but my mother bought them from the south of the Yangtze River to make spring skirts for me How much effort did it take Seven elder sisters said they would take them Have you ever said hello to my mother" Su Huaiyan a sarcastic smile "Oh eight younger sister that clothes you wear small return to seven younger sister seven younger sister is able to wear or can keep wiping feet" "Fifth Sister I'm a little taller than Seventh Sister I'm wearing too small Seventh Sister is not wearing just right" It Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale seems to be a matter of course that Su Huaining wears her old clothes Su Huaiyan tutted in his mouth "In a family like ours the elder sister wears the younger sister's old clothes and spreads them out without making people laugh" Then she raised her lips and gloated "Eight younger sisters don't let your grandfather hear you You know grandfather cherishes the reputation of the Su family most" Being stabbed by Su Huaiyan one after another Su Huaiqing was so angry that he stamped his feet "I didn't say that I would let Sister Qi wear my old clothes I borrowed and returned them I just returned the things I borrowed from her Whether she wore them or not is her business It's none of my business Don't frighten me with my grandfather here" "Eight younger sisters since you are so intentional then give me back all the jewelry you borrowed from me before" Su Huaining who had not spoken all the time suddenly said "Most of the jewelry you borrowed was given to me by brother Ting It's not suitable to wear it on the head of eight younger sisters Although eight younger sisters are still young they have reached the age of men and women but they are wearing jewelry bought by men It's not good to spread it out" Chapter 90 down to the lake

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