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Beauty attaches great importance to desire

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Posted: 8/1/2022
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Beauty attaches great importance to desire

Yuchi smiled "Then I can leave at ease" With a roar a medium-sized boat which was painted black all over its body and even had black sails approached quickly and quietly The boat lowered its ladder and Yuchi folded his fists at the beginning of the morning "There will be a boat to carry my wife back to Lanruo in the second half of the night I'll leave first and wait for the good news from my wife" "Are you leaving now" I didn't expect Yuchi to leave so soon in the early morning Is the lady reluctant to part with me I have taken the risk of being plotted by the white old man waiting here for the madam for many days the madam is still not enough Bess to madam madam need not worry that she will touch your bed in the middle of the night just treat her as an ordinary maid if in danger she Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer works very well and can protect madam's safety Yuchi laughed and left Early in the morning a little resentful in the end who fell into whose trap ah Yuchi saw through her womanizing trick and teased her like this several times but she still thought she had a plan Feather pool in this sea is simply free to come and go just a shark pearl a dustpan island a stranded ship where can he be trapped Mr Bai was wrong this time The sky of Hailan is really going to change Early morning can imagine that Yuchi will be one of Yanxin's strongest competitors in the future Back on the boat Su Wei and Luo Er were already waiting for her to have a good rest According to the news brought by Su Wei Ma Yi's wife was not found and Komatsu's affairs had nothing to do with Princess Jinye The Golden Leaf Princess has been following Su Wei On the sea they have met a mysterious ship several times but they have never seen anyone on board According to Princess Golden Leaf the ship lifeless and invisible floated on the sea like a ghost ship Princess Jinye wanted to lean over to Berberine Hydrochloride Factory find out what was going on but the captain of the ship was afraid and refused to listen to her command He went around far away On the night when he met Pearl the ship disappeared inexplicably And in the past few days all the people on the golden leaf ship also had the feeling of being spied on and they had increased their vigilance and searched the whole ship but found nothing Who is following behind them What is the purpose The other side has not yet made a move and there is no clue to leave them a clue to speculate

The three of them were discussing in a low voice when there was a dull sound of a heavy object being thrown on the deck outside the door Bess went out to probe screaming hysterically Then there was chaos on the ship Su Wei was closest to the door He darted out and immediately blocked the early morning that followed His tone was hurried "It's the body of that crazy woman You don't have to look at it" It was too late for him to stop him Chuchen's face was pale his eyes were wide open and he covered his mouth and almost vomited She had never seen a human die so tragically in her life The sackcloth woman was nailed to the deck in a big shape with four nails seven or eight inches long deeply embedded in her limbs her belly cut open and her internal organs thrown everywhere Her face was frightened her eyes had been gouged out only two black eyes were left looking at the crowd her nose had been cut off and her mouth was wide open Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer telling her unwillingness and fear Who killed Mrs Ma so cruelly And sent the body here to show them Holding back his nausea in the early morning he pushed Su Wei "Go and see Thyroid Powder Factory if there are any clues left behind" Su Wei insisted on not moving covering her under his protection "the body is still hot the murderer has not gone far" I can't leave you half a step Luo Er you go The others surrounded and protected the three men and the atmosphere on the ship was tense to the extreme The eighty-third chapter of the main text is the great river (I) Two already went up to turn over the wound of the corpse the expression is stern very hesitant hand just tell early morning "The wound of this person is very strange" Not made of swords or anything like that but of a small sharp smooth object I have never seen such a weapon The body of Ma Yi's wife had not been cleaned up yet and someone from the side of Princess Jinye said that a servant named Cuiqiao had died in a strange way and asked the three of them to go over The messenger looked flustered looked around all the way and walked very fast in fear

The young maid was nailed to the deck outside the golden leaf princess's sleeping cabin and died in the same way as Ma Yi's wife There was a strong smell of blood in the air and the low sobs of the maids around made people almost crazy Seeing Chuchen and others someone said in a low voice "It was Cuiqiao who poured a bucket of water on his wife" The meaning is to point to the early morning revenge "Ridiculous!" Su said in a deep voice! If she is such a vindictive person how can she rescue others under the palm of Yuchi Princess Jinye snorted coldly "If anyone dares to talk nonsense again I will tear her mouth!" Ask early morning kindly again "Heard that the same thing happened over there" Listening to the early morning said what had happened Princess Jinye pondered and did not speak during which she looked at the early morning several times so that she was puzzled Luo Er still went forward to examine the wound and came to the same conclusion as Ma Yi's corpse A small sharp smooth object The early morning suddenly remembered something and pulled out a jade hairpin from his head "Is it such a thing" "Yes" said Luo Er in surprise! It should be something like this The voice did not fall see the early morning face more and more pale "what's wrong with you" Early morning slowly spit out a few words "I think" I think I know who it is It should be Xiao Moyun in the north Except for that one Who would use a hairpin to kill someone who had insulted her so madly Early morning thought of such a pair of eyes hiding in the dark to spy on their every move I can't help feeling cold all over my body Xiao Moyun Luo Er's face changed slightly Didn't he die in an ancient tomb "Brother Wang said he was taken away by a man in gray" "What is he going to do" I don't know But one thing is certain He won't spare me In the early morning he recalled that Xiao Moyun was stabbed in the tomb The incomparable smile Desperate and sad eyes I don't know I'm tired I want to have a rest I'll take you back It's too dangerous now Su Wei immediately said His eyes stole a glance at the Golden Leaf Princess

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