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Who moved my virgin princess?

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Posted: 8/4/2022
Expires: 2/2/2023

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William R. Marshall


Szeto was still having a leisurely meal and drinking a little wine in his room at night Suddenly he felt dizzy According to his experience in Jianghu he knew that he might have been drugged Szeto Xuan night quickly began to exercise to force poison at this time Siyan came in How about it Does the ecstasy taste good This kind of ecstasy is the best If I don't think you are the father of Szeto Zhengnan I will give you poison directly! You What are you trying to do Szeto Xuanye felt that his whole body was weak and he could not exert any strength One minute he could exercise but this minute Szeto Xuanye fell to the ground uncontrollably I just want to wall penstocks get back the real seal of Nvchongguo You can rest assured that I won't hurt you! You How do you know that the seal

I gave you is a fake Siyan smiled "It's too simple When I told you that there was a thief in Nvchongguo your eyes did not look at the national seal you gave me but looked in the direction of the bed So I concluded that the real national seal was actually under the bed and the one you gave me was just a fake one" Am I right Szeto's body was already soft enough to lie on the ground "really" I didn't expect that I was cheated by you a young girl! I I admit defeat the real national seal under the bed you take it yourself! Siyan gave Szeto a smile then walked in the direction of the bed lifted the bed board Siyan fell to the ground and squatted down to avoid the dart which made Szeto very surprised Szeto Xuanye I won't be fooled by you! I can see all your movements clearly from the outside! When I hand over the national seal to the delicate hand all your plans will fail! Siyan took out the national seal from the box and looked at it carefully Yes! This is indeed the real national seal Siyan picked up the national seal and walked out of the door At this time of Siyan unusually excited she felt that she could finally do something for the delicate finally can make up for some of the things she had done wrong no matter how fast her feet walk no matter how far she took this step Siyan felt that she was too slow So Siyan began to run running towards the delicate room Showing the national seal Nu Chongguo no one can stop Siyan from entering any place very smoothly Siyan entered the delicate room Delicate I Siyan suddenly felt that her feet could not stand she felt blood flowing out of her nose "delicate national seal" The national seal Siyan finally could not support herself and fell to the ground Qianrou was startled by the sudden appearance of Siyan and when she reacted Yuhao had rushed over and hugged Siyan "Siyan what's wrong with you" Yu Hao said Yu Hao do you still blame me Do you blame me for making the throne of tenderness Siyan said intermittently Yu Hao shook his head filter nozzle "No I don't blame you!"! You hold on I'll take you back to the country of men and we'll go back and live happily together! Siyan looked at Qianrou "Qianrou this seal is poisonous don't touch it!"! I know I have done a lot of wrong things I hope this time I can make up for my past mistakes! Delicate tears fell down "Siyan we are good sisters I have never blamed you!"! You hold on I immediately go to ask the imperial doctor I invite all the imperial doctors in the palace they can certainly save you! Said Qianrou running out of the door but bumping into Szeto Zhengnan who had just arrived When Szeto Zhengnan saw Siyan lying on the ground he immediately understood what it meant He grabbed Qianrou and said "Qianrou don't go to ask the imperial doctor It's in vain!"! Only my father has the antidote I'll ask him for it now! You You're not trying to hurt us again! "Fiber" Qianrou listen to me Situ Zhengnan has been helping you all the time He also told your parents about the legend of flying pigeons so that they could escape the pursuit of Situ Xuan Night Don't blame him! These simple words but Siyan seems to have exhausted all her strength to say them "Zheng Nan go and get the antidote quickly!" Qianrou urged Szeto Zhengnan! "No need to go!"! I'm coming! As soon as the voice fell Szeto turned over and stood not far from the delicate Dad take out the antidote quickly!

A little later Siyan will die! Said Szeto Zhengnan Save her but I want her to give me the national seal! Yu Hao took the box in Siyan's hand "here you are here you are!"! As long as you save Siyan I'll give you anything! Siyan used her last strength to pull Yu Hao "can't give him!"! Unable Siyan vomited a mouthful of blood Yu Hao saw Siyan like this immediately threw the box in his hand hugged Siyan "Siyan you can't die we have to live together but also have a lot of children" You can't leave me! Yu Hao having you is the greatest happiness in my life! If there is an afterlife I will love you! Qianrou could not hear Siyan clearly "Good!"! I'll give you the national seal disc air diffuser and hand over the antidote now! "Thank you Delicate!" Siyan left her last smile to the delicate and then she bit her tongue hard and committed suicide Siyan! "Siyan!" "Siyan!" No matter how many people call they can't wake up Siyan who has fallen asleep Szeto Zhengnan saw such a scene which was really beyond his expectation He did not think that Siyan was willing to sacrifice her life for the sake of tenderness! "Dad this is what you want isn't it" Situ Zhengnan picked up the box containing the national seal and put his hand into the box "Dad this is what you want isn't it" "Emperor you can't you can't do that!"! It will be poisoned! Szeto was frightened at night However everything is already late Szeto Zhengnan's hand has firmly grasped the national seal Szeto ran over at night "Emperor why are you so stupid so stupid" Just a few minutes later Szeto Zhengnan fell to the ground Szeto picked up Szeto Zhengnan at night "Dad promise me that you will never invade any country again and don't hurt everyone in Nvchongguo okay" 。

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