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The misfortune of the emperor of Qin

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Posted: 8/4/2022
Expires: 2/2/2023

Asia, Pacific and Middle East : Indonesia > Sumatra
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William R. Marshall


He really thought I wanted to eat his tofu on purpose didn't he Hum who wants it It's cheap and good I scolded in my heart but I dared not neglect to pick up the medicine bottle and turn it behind him Because the wound was on his back he probably could not apply the medicine himself Therefore the wound had not been treated The place on his back where the poisonous needle had been pricked had begun to fester Fortunately the skin had returned to its normal color It seemed that the poison in his body had been removed but the traumatic part still needed treatment Didn't you see a doctor before this An infected wound can also rotary vacuum disc filters kill people As I poured out the powder and carefully applied it to his wound I asked "Didn't the ancients have any idea about inflammation and infection" Not knowing whether it was because of the pain or because of my words his body stretched a little After a long time he said coldly "If you dare to spread the news of my injury don't blame me for making you unable to speak all your life" My heart tightened but I also heard the seriousness of his words "even King Jinglin is included" That's his own brother Anyone

There was no trace of emotion in his tone Oh I answered in a deep voice and in my heart I probably understood the reason why he had not found someone to give him medicine As an emperor the mind will always be more than others if people know that he was injured probably afraid of someone to take advantage of it at least the heart of prevention is indispensable even brothers are no exception this is the royal family It was not easy to wipe the medicine and I wrapped him around the waist a few times with gauze which was the success Qin Ming stood up and went to the bathtub Just as he was about to take off the only pair of trousers he suddenly remembered something He stopped and said "You can go out" I let out a long breath of relief Fortunately he didn't let me give him a bath However on the contrary I feel wrong he is the emperor usually should be served by the servants to bathe and change clothes there is no reason to put me this ready-made maid without ah It must be because of what happened just now so he decided that I wanted to take advantage of him didn't he This for a woman is very hurt self-esteem however I did not even have the opportunity to defend so silent to be humiliated by him Hateful! I hated it so much that I gritted my teeth and turned away so as not to slow down and be misunderstood by him Stop! The man behind him spoke again slowly My back stiffened Is it difficult for him to go back on his word Or is he just pretending to be a prude from beginning to end Suspicious Qin Ming's voice came slowly "Don't go far I may summon you at any time and in the future you will live in the side room next door to serve" Just mentioned the heart can not help but relax down I feel annoyed for my neuroticism is it true that he said full of those things in his mind The more I thought about it fine bubble diffuser the more irritable I became "I know" I answered angrily Then he turned around and ran so that he would not say anything more and shame me to death Alas his pure and beautiful image was destroyed in a moment The worst thing was that he had to live next door to him You can imagine how many embarrassing things he would do in the future I completely failed Finally squeezed out Chapter 33 & nbsp; Drunken for a Thousand Years Soon I found that I was the only one in charge of serving Qin Ming in the whole house Serving tea and water cleaning the room making the bed and folding the quilt I was busy all day without resting my hands It was not easy to get to the end of the night but I had to go to get a midnight snack I think he was deliberately torturing me Otherwise how could he leave so many servants without me It's like everyone else is trying to poison him By this time the huge palace had been completely silent and I was walking alone in the night with a lantern feeling a little nervous This kind of ancient building looks very grand in the daytime but at night it feels a little gloomy and the pavilions and pavilions seem to become strange Although I am not familiar with the road in the palace I can find the kitchen with my eyes closed Watching the pavilion in front of him again he thought of the delicious lotus seed soup to relieve the heat and his courage was a little stronger

Under the moonlight the pavilion is looming and the flowers around the pavilion are in full bloom quietly in the quiet night emitting an unknown fragrance When I got closer the lantern in my hand finally illuminated the whole pavilion and a figure suddenly sat across the stone chair in the pavilion which made me gasp and almost let the lantern out of my hand Shh! It's Ben Wang The familiar voice came at the right time to stop my exclamation Is it Qin Xuan Why does he always come out like a ghost Still in shock I patted the Huns and said "Why didn't you light a lamp I thought I had hit a ghost" In the middle of the night instead of sleeping in his own bed he came to sit in the pavilion which was very embarrassing With such a beautiful moonlight what do you need a lamp for Qin Xuan answered faintly but he didn't care about my rude accusation at all He patted the stone bench beside him with a faint smile and said "Come here and sit with the king" At this moment he is somewhat lazy without the style and shelf of the day just like when I first saw him in the mountains Which one is the real him He's not drinking again is he I approached him doubtfully and saw a flagon beside him but the smell from the flagon Dissolved Gas Flotation was a little sweet with flowers and fruits I don't know if it was wine Do you want to taste it Drunken Qianqiu it is said that drinking it can forget your worries but the king has never been drunk so he changed its name to a thousand cups drunk Qin Xuan did not know where to conjure up a wine glass poured a cup and handed it to me The pink liquid blooms in front of us like peach blossoms in spring and the light sweet fragrance is more like ripe peaches emitting attractive flavor I was attracted by this strange wine and unconsciously reached out to take it and drink it into my throat There is almost no taste of wine sweet and sour aftertaste there is a touch of bitterness until the stomach only to feel a stream of hot air spread in the body Does the wound still hurt Staring at me with a trace of hazy moisture in his black eyes he asked faintly

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