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Violent fox

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Posted: 8/14/2022
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Violent fox

"Uh-huh" The strength has increased by about 30% The defensive power of the extension bone armor has been increased by at least 50% Now I'm afraid it's not so easy for a level seven master to break my defense with fighting spirit! I felt a little bit about my physical condition at this time Qin's heart was filled with excitement With the help of the great energy of the dragon's bone grass The strength of the Qin resort has been greatly improved compared with the past The energy of fighting spirit jumps several steps In the case of no transfiguration he has been able to reach the level of fighting warrior at the peak of level 6 It's only a few steps away from the seventh level warrior

It's just that this small step is not easy to take! And Whether it is their own defensive power or pure strength there has been a substantial surge If you put on the extension bone armor Qin Sheng is fully able to compete with the soldiers who have reached the peak of the seventh level It can be said that in all the fighting fighters below level seven Qin Sheng can already be regarded as an almost invincible existence! "Squeak" A bright light of purple and white was fleeting and the body of the purple flying bear jumped onto Qin Sheng's shoulder out of thin air His whole body stood upright his little wire nail making machine paws gently stroked his chest his eyes were red as if he were going to cry and he said "Ow boss what happened to you just now I was scared to death" It seems that the little guy was frightened today! "Well I have nothing to do just an accident but also from the middle of a lot of benefits let you worry ah!" Qin Sheng hurriedly comforted the mood of the little thing on his shoulder spoiled and rubbed his little head and said with a bright face In fact only Qin Sheng himself knew in his heart how dangerous the situation he had just encountered was and he had never thought that in the dragon bone grass there was such an incredible energy of terror Qin Sheng did not have any heart preparation at all so he rashly absorbed the huge energy

Although the body in the process of rapid strengthening but also by the deep bone marrow of the pain if not because of his own perseverance is extremely firm but also coupled with the mysterious appearance of the'extension of bone armor ' terror to accommodate most of the energy I am afraid he has already been unable to withstand the power of keel grass burst and prosperous And Qin Sheng now found that the root of the dragon bone grass that he finally ate was the right choice! The mysterious substance contained in the root of keel grass can neutralize the violent energy in the fruit and disperse part of the energy in the fruit to all parts of the body which is really one thing to one thing!

After all with Qin Sheng's current strength what he can absorb is only part of it Dispersing the hidden energy in other parts of the body using Xingyiquan and Dou Qi should promote the body to absorb it again Qin Sheng thought secretly in his heart "It seems that after going back we must practice well we must absorb all the remaining energy in our body and I'm afraid there will be a great improvement in our strength when we fall down" First round Chapter one hundred return to college Lifting the transformation of the extension bone armor Qin Sheng looked at the broken clothes that could not cover his body Iron Nail Making Machine smiled bitterly took out a suit of clothes from the space ring again put it on his body and then walked toward the bodies of the python and the winged cloud winged tiger Qin Sheng knows that the fur and crystal nucleus of high-level powerful Warcraft like python Jiao and double-winged cloud winged tiger are very popular outside such as the fur and scales of the eight-level Warcraft can be used to make good protective clothing as for the use of the crystal nucleus it can be even greater and it can certainly be fired at sky-high prices outside but Qin Sheng doesn't care about money as long as it's enough

These crystal nuclei are just food for the flying bear with purple stripes Qin Sheng quickly dismembered the body of the dead Warcraft in the cave entrance skillfully stripped off the fur and scales took out the crystal nuclei in his head and then returned to the spacious and deep ancient cave quietly savoring the powerful power he had just gained The next day early in the morning Qin Sheng once again with purple stripes flying bear along the way back continue to move toward the mercenary city

On the way home the strength of the Warcraft encountered is getting weaker and weaker When Qin Sheng came to the most peripheral area of the Demon Mountains the Warcraft he met were all low-level Warcraft at the first and second levels There was no threat to Qin Sheng at all Qin Sheng was too lazy to pay attention to them and passed them directly at a high speed However Qin Sheng did not relax his vigilance because in the Demon Mountains to focus on people and Qin Sheng also offended the old skeleton mercenary regiment in the city of mercenaries killed their little head but also to guard against their revenge Fortunately he did not encounter any trouble in Qin Sheng's homeward nail manufacturing machine journey and later in the city of mercenaries did not see the figure of the skeleton mercenary regiment which was usually arrogant for a while according to Qin Sheng's speculation that the mission must have lost too much do not know where to lick the wound But this is also good save Qin Sheng a lot of trouble

Did not continue to stay here Qin Sheng left the city of mercenaries that evening Riding on the body of the flying Warcraft Qin Sheng set foot on the road to Douglas Martial Arts Institute and the purple stripe flying bear because of eating the dragon crystal now has fallen into a deep sleep now there is no little thing all the way to make jokes Qin Sheng to sum up the results of this trip to the Demon Mountains One is to get the dream of flying Warcraft fear vulture eggs and according to Qin Sheng speculation may not be the general level seven Warcraft Second after taking Longgucao their own strength has been greatly improved strength defense agility fighting spirit and so on have been greatly improved and the extension of bone armor has produced unpredictable changes The third is to find a more suitable way to practice the exquisite skills of Xingyiquan and the powerful destructive power of fighting spirit In addition Qin Sheng reaped the benefits but also got a lot of powerful Warcraft scales and crystal nuclei Although it also offended the skeleton mercenary regiment But for this Qin Sheng does not care As for the mysterious and elegant landlady of the tavern It was just a beautiful encounter This time A trip to the Demon Land Mountains Qin Sheng still has a lot of harvest

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