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Conquest battle by Jin Bing

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Posted: 8/14/2022
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Conquest battle by Jin Bing

Jiang smiled hung up the phone and comfortably put his feet on the tea table In his ears was the sound of intermittent beatings outside the house He could not hear the pain and the fat man had fainted Yao An was as busy as a top doing the final statistics in the R & D room for a while and then going to the Ministry of Foreign Trade to verify the matters of the day after tomorrow with the other party She didn't get off work until it was dark and then took a detour to the vegetable market to buy some fresh meat back to her aunt's Nail Making Machine manufacturers house My aunt had already cooked the meal and was waiting for Yao An to get off work Yao An said apologetically "The company is busy today and I have to work overtime" My aunt went to the kitchen to fill the rice and said with a smile "I know you are busy Just take your time Your mother said you would go to Guangzhou on a business trip the day after tomorrow"

It's a good thing to be able to go on a business trip so soon Yao An smiled and served the meal for his aunt Mother Yao reheated the soup and looked quite happy After dinner Yao An tutored his little cousin to do her homework while Yao's mother and Yao Yanjin tidied up their things in the bedroom Although the Yao family's belongings were destroyed in the fire they had added a lot of things in the past few days Clothes pantyhose and daily necessities all needed to be packed My aunt dug out an old hair dryer and electric fan and asked them to take them with them Yao An supervises the little cousin to finish her homework so she has time to wash but she can't go to bed early It's always inconvenient for Yao's father and uncle to come back from work later It was not until the wee hours of the morning that she yawned and went to the kitchen to heat up the food

When the two of them had eaten and drunk enough she finally went to the sofa to rest On Lishan Middle Road where everything is quiet there are only nocturnal snakes insects rats and ants shuttling through There is no need to worry about the crushing of the wheels just parading under the street lights The iron gate of the freight company was closed tightly and looking through the gap it was quiet inside Only a lamp was still lit in the small building with half of it exposed at the back and it went out for a moment The two men waited furtively beside the iron gate and when they saw that the freight company was finally dark they grabbed the iron gate climbed up neatly and turned into the company in two or three times The two men had a clear division of labor and searched on both sides After a few steps one of them called out softly "There it is!" Looking at the situation there were two big trees on the edge of the open space full of trucks The fat man was hidden in the moonlight His fat body was tied up with hemp rope and iron chain tied together with the big trees and stuffed with a piece of cloth in his mouth The two men went to the other end only to see that the fat man's face was red and swollen and could be seen beyond recognition in the weak light The two men looked at each other immediately cut the hemp rope and groped in the dark to untie the chain half a ring to remove the chain they quickly lifted the unconscious fat man ran to the iron gate Arriving at Nanjiang more than two hours later the fat man woke up in a daze When he saw his sudden change of situation he immediately shouted for help The two men turned a blind eye and arrived at the residence of the black boss in Nanjiang after a moment

They dragged the fat man out of the car and dragged him to the house The black boss was lying on the sofa drinking coffee with a handful of white powder at hand After drinking the last mouthful he put the powder under his nose and smelled it Suddenly he inhaled it fiercely and all the powder rolled into his nostrils The black boss trembled and suddenly got up He sighed twice in his throat shrugged his shoulders and paced a few steps Automatic Nail Making Machine regardless of the fat man who was struggling desperately on the ground Only after half a ring did he stop moving and stand on the edge of the sofa with his eyes closed but his opening was "Not as pure as before" Say that finish he also did not wait for his men to answer the whole body muscle blood flow as if to burst he had no place to vent casually pulled a lamp mercilessly hit the fat man's head the fat man's throat stuffy cry scarlet slowly hanging down along the forehead black boss gnashed his teeth "betray me" I'm tired of living! As he spoke he used his strength to smash the lamp in a moment and the fat man's face was already red with blood The other Jiang walked leisurely to the big tree and bent down to pick up the hemp rope and chain He hooked his lips and said to the other end of the phone "The man has been taken away Call the police!" The other end of the phone did not answer and hung up immediately Jiang Na stretched himself and smiled at the moon He was a little lonely for a moment He missed Yao An for no reason The black boss fought more and more vigorously and lost control The fat man seemed to be dying and his men were frightened Although they did some black things they never killed people Otherwise they could be locked up in the Bureau at any time and never come out again

His men were about to stop him when suddenly there came the sound of a broken window and a high-pitched male voice "Police don't move!" This villa area suddenly became noisy in the silent night ambulances and police cars shuttled back and forth and the whistle sounded through the east of Nanjiang City Shen Lun did not receive the news until dawn The driver came in a hurry and reported to him "In the early morning the black boss was caught in Nanjiang taking drugs and intentionally injuring" Shen Lun frowned and heard the driver say "They rescued the fat man from Boss Jiang last night and beat him half to death in the villa" After a pause the driver said "But boss Shen when they rescued the Automatic nail machine fat man they heard that the fat man was dying It was boss Jiang who succeeded" Only then did Shen Lun hook his lips "What do you think" "The driver smiled" It is to hit really quite clever still black boss caught his way Shen Lun smiled then frowned and said "No matter what happens to Lao Hei let's hurry up at this time and get to know the man surnamed Yang" Also find someone to settle for the old black pay attention to what he sucks! Then he frowned again

When the sky was bright Yao An and Yao's mother had moved most of their luggage to their new house The spatula bowls and chopsticks were placed neatly and the sheets and bedding were laid Yao An put the toiletries in the bathroom and looked at the narrow square lattice without making a sound Mother Yao went to the door of the restroom looked inside and said in a low voice "No matter how you take a bath in this place you can't turn around" Yao An immediately laughed and said "Now you know you're fat I told you that middle-aged and old people should pay attention to their diet but you didn't listen!" Yao's mother Zhan Yan said "All right all right Continue to clean up Hurry to work later" In the past few days the window has been opened to ventilate the house and the smell of paint has faded a lot Yao's mother can't wait to spend more time so she plans to move here directly tomorrow Yao An tidied up hard and wiped the corners spotless The small room could only accommodate a single bed She was glad that she was on a business trip tomorrow and did not have to share a bed with Yao Yanjin Otherwise they would not be embarrassed if they crowded on it

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