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The stars change

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Posted: 8/14/2022
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The stars change

Nine turn dark gold body to reach the eighth layer Qin Yu's speed is also more terrible Ao Ku and flow map only to see a fist shadow suddenly hit his chest The chest is sunken and the bones are broken Explosion Qin Yu's hands which were inserted into their chests shot out dozens of fingers and the sharp fingers easily pierced Ao Ku and Liu Tu's yuan Ying At the moment Emperor Xuan's sword split Qin Yu's back with a blood stain and Qin Yu's body could not help rushing forward Eh Qin Yu looked doubtfully at Ao Ku Liu Tu was killed but Ao Ku DIN screw plug He was divided into two bodies at the last moment and he just killed one of them and the other one was still alive Your Majesty Qin Yu is too strong Ao Ku said and then regardless of what Peng Demon Emperor said he turned directly into a streamer and began to flee Ao Ku can turn one into two In fact both of them are true

This is the magical power of the mutant superior mythical beast but one of them was killed by Qin Yu It is extremely difficult to cultivate another one Qin Yu is too strong Peng Demon Emperor who heard the summons could not help but take a look At a glance he found that Liutu's body had fallen to the ground and Ao Ku had fled and that Xuandi Xuanxi who had cut Qin Yu's sword but could not hurt Qin Yu had also escaped with the sword Unexpectedly all left in front of this eight-level demon emperor is also very abnormal ah Peng Demon Emperor found one thing when he fought with this house blue The house blue defense is very strong and the strength is terrible Attack is very strong strong enough to make him seriously injured Peng Demon Emperor understood that if he had not used the last function of the treasure of inheritance to increase defense he simply could not stop the blue punch Peng Demon Emperor turned into a shadow and went high in the sky looking at the blue house from a distance You are really strong the fist attack speed is very fast but the posture is not as good as me You have a strong defense I feel that you are similar to the Dragon Emperor but I don't know who is stronger and who is weaker in your defense and attack compared with the Dragon Emperor

It's just that the Dragon Emperor's fist attack speed is far less than yours Peng Demon Emperor said indifferently House Blue stood with his hands on his back and said with a smile "The Dragon Emperor has the treasure of inheritance In addition the Five-Claw Golden Dragon itself is powerful His defense and attack are better than mine" Just the speed of attack He is far inferior to me "Qin Yu congratulations on getting a good helper" Episode 14 Chapter 3 Enchanted Temple Peng Demon Emperor turned into a golden streamer but Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan's heart was not calm at the moment and his eyes were shining constantly "I didn't expect Qin Yu the eldest brother of Black Feather to have such a powerful helper" It seems impossible to kill the black feather with the potential of the black feather and the speed of practice one day it will surpass me! "Ascend to the divine world as soon as possible find my predecessors of the King of Golden Wings and take refuge under his command I believe I should be able to protect myself" Peng Demon Emperor had to make plans to take refuge in the clan's predecessors in the divine world at the moment Peng Demon Emperor's figure was fixed and he was ready to make a big move and leave Eh Peng Demon Emperor turned over his hand and took out a piece of Lingzhu and the demon knew that the message came from Ao Ku- "Your Majesty Xuandi and I are in the Green Blue Star" "Green Blue Star not far from here" Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan directly made a big move

After three big moves he arrived at the Green Blue Star and saw Ao Ku and Xuan Xi Green Blue Star on a wasteland Ao Ku and Xuanxi are standing car radiator cap at the moment Ao Ku face is a little pale and Xuanxi eyes are a little red the whole person naturally exudes a sad breath Your Majesty Seeing the arrival of Peng Demon Emperor Ao Ku answered respectfully As soon as Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan looked at Ao Ku he could not help sighing "Ao Ku this time everything is beyond our expectation No one expected that Qin Yu had such a powerful helper and his own strength has improved a lot Liu Tu died and you lost one of your two masters" Speaking of this Peng Demon Emperor could not help feeling disappointed Ao Ku smiled bitterly Your Majesty More than 200 years ago When Qin Yu came to save Bai Xin I fought with him and used the two big ones to slightly press him Who would have thought how long it would take but the strength was so much more than me and I could be killed between the palms "Zong Yan" As soon as Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan heard this he looked aside and immediately said "Xuanxi brother Fengyu is dead" Don't be too sad After all no one expected that the thin black man was so horrible Even I am no match for him

” Of course Xuanxi knew that Peng Demon Emperor was no match for the mysterious black and thin man but Xuanxi still said in a cold voice "Zong Yan I just want to know" Are you going to help me with my husband's murder Magnetic Drain Plug Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan frowned and became angry in his heart He advised Xuanxi kindly I didn't expect Xuanxi to be so ignorant With his strength he may not be as good as House Blue but he is much better than Xuanxi Xuanxi don't overreach yourself In the world of immortals and demons you have to kill Qin Yu It's impossible I won't get involved in it That's all Goodbye Peng Demon Emperor said in a cold voice and then shouted to Ao Ku "Ao Ku" Come back with me "Good good" Xuan Xi's face turned blue with anger My whole body trembled slightly "Zong Yan I will avenge my husband" Take your leave! Then the whole person made a big move and disappeared Peng Demon Emperor sneered in his heart "Seeing Qin Yu's real strength do you still want revenge" It's a death wish

Then Peng Demon Emperor and Ao Ku also left the Green Blue Star In this battle Peng Demon Emperor lost a general and even Ao Ku lost half of his power Even Emperor Yu who had been in the realm of immortals for thousands of years was damaged in this battle After this incident Peng Demon Emperor will no longer dare to kill Qin Yu and the only Xuanxi who wants to kill Qin Yu is no threat to Qin Yu Liu Lan Xing Wu Liu Gong Qin Yu's three brothers Bai Ling Guo Fan Hei Tong Wu Lan and Dong Xue all gathered in the hall and even the five nine-level demon kings who formed the Five Willows Palace were waiting outside the hall Ha ha happy happy ah Yu Huang is not to kill it It was finally killed House Blue you are so strong that you killed Emperor Yu with one punch Hou Fei said excitedly And almost everyone in the hall has a smile

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