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Shangguan Ding Baji Prodigy

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Posted: 8/14/2022
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Shangguan Ding Baji Prodigy

When they arrived at Tai'an they were immediately welcomed in by the reception station of the Red Cloud Sect They stayed there until now before they came out to look for their young master Only in this short period of three days the three swordsmen in the south of Yunnan can play enough power and prestige not only the reception people dare not wait but also slightly unsatisfactory they are furious and sometimes even deliberately looking for trouble Why do you dare to be so bold the three swordsmen in southern Yunnan Can a reception station of the Red Cloud Sect allow the three of them to run wild And no one asks It turns out that there is something else in the middle which is not known to outsiders! Because the Red Cloud Sect's skillful judge Hao Mei who went to the Southern Wilderness and the prayer Hang Tie who dominated the Southern

Wilderness had all plastic pallet containers died in the southern wilderness so that all of Bai Ruilin's experiences in the southern wilderness were unknown to the Red Cloud Sect The three swordsmen in the south of Yunnan used to be people who were not on the right path Although they did not come to the Central Plains many times what kind of people were Fu Li Can you not be clear about the situation of the three of them As a result after hearing that the three monsters in southern Yunnan had arrived in Tai'an and had been welcomed into the reception station he was secretly pleased and sent a special order to the Tai'an reception station to entertain them properly and specifically pointed out that if there were any slow treatment for the three of them they would be killed! Red cloud leader to do so of course will not be without cause it is obvious that he wants to use the three strange not only want to make them in the assembly also want to after the meeting make them back to the south of Yunnan set up a branch Based on this so these days no matter how angry they are cursing or even beating people and the people at the reception station always humble to accompany them carefully the reason is here!

Otherwise there is room for them to be rude not to mention that Fu Li will not agree even those believers although they are afraid of spreading in Jianghu but secretly how many three swordsmen in southern Yunnan they can not escape They stayed for three days and it was the twelfth day of the first lunar month They remembered this date very well so early in the morning after a burst of breath in the reception station they hurried to the street But as soon as they walked out of the gate about a hundred feet away they heard a deep voice behind them shouting "Luo Quan stop!" The three swordsmen in the south of Yunnan were walking side by side but when they heard and drank they couldn't help being stunned They said to themselves "Who is this who has such a big breath" When they turned around they couldn't help being stunned The three of them hurriedly bowed and said "It's you old man When did you arrive" The man snorted and said "Come with me!"

The three heroes in the south of Yunnan used to be so conceited Apart from the sincere awe of Bai Ruilin they did not put anyone in their eyes Why were they so submissive to the people who suddenly appeared It turned out that the man was an old man with white hair white beard and snow-white eyebrows He was dressed in a short blue suit with a straw rope tied around his waist plastic bulk containers He was barefoot with only two eyes shining brightly After he told the three swordsmen of southern Yunnan to come with me he turned around and left

At this time the three swordsmen in southern Yunnan also restrained their arrogant attitude looked at each other and followed the old man behind them They all walked in silence one after the other straight out of the domain The white-haired old man stopped and looked at the three swordsmen of southern Yunnan for a while "Who is the young master you are talking about" He asked When the three swordsmen in the south of Yunnan saw the old man looking at them they felt a little uneasy When they saw each other they looked at each other again I don't know what they had said Or not to say "Humph!"! You don't have to play tricks in front of my old man! While they were hesitating the white-haired old man added that he had obviously seen what was on their mind

It was Luo Quan who had more ideas He shook the pigtail on his head a few times and stole a glance at the withered bamboo swordsman and the swordsman beside him He coughed twice and began to say "The young master mentioned by the younger generation is only a teenager I don't know why the elder asked this" "Since he can be respected by you this man must be extraordinary Can you tell me what his name is" "The old-timers don't have to ask!" "Anyway" said the withered bamboo swordsman "now that I'm here I must be here to attend the meeting I'll know when I get here" "Ha ha ha ha!" The old man burst out laughing and then said "Yes!"! Pretty good! But you're only half right!

At this point he thought for a while and then added "If I could see the person I'm looking for in advance I wouldn't want to take part in that trick It's just that it's hard to know where he is for a while" "Listen to the meaning of the old-timer's words Does Fu Li have another plot" "You don't even know these things because you live in the reception station!" "The younger generation is so foolish If you ask the older generation for advice!" The old man looked solemn and solemn "It plastic pallet crates doesn't matter if I tell you" he said in a low voice "Just don't spread it or I'll be sorry for their hospitality" As he spoke a sly smile suddenly appeared on his face and he said "Do you know why he chose Zhangren Peak" "Is there anything strange about it" "At last you children have thought of it!" "Can the elder speak more clearly so as to get the outline" The old man looked around and said mysteriously "The Riguan Peak of Mount Tai is a famous scenic spot It not only covers a vast area but also allows you to watch the sunrise But Fu Li chose the Zhangren Peak His ulterior motives can be seen here" "But the old-timer said that the father-in-law's peak was very dangerous" "Ha ha you children who grew up in the southern frontier are of course not very clear about things in the north!"

Who on earth is this old man Not only is the tone so big but also the appearance of old age overflowing in the eyebrows straight to hear the three swordsmen in southern Yunnan secretly frown more than With the age of the three swordsmen in the south of Yunnan they are not only seventy or eighty years old but also have extremely rich experience in Jianghu Now it is thought-provoking that the old man opens his mouth to children and shuts his mouth to children What's more the three swordsmen in the south of Yunnan are still worried about the safety of Bai Ruilin Now when they hear that Fu Li has another plot they really wish he could say it quickly so that they can inform Bai Ruilin in advance and let him prepare early But it happened that the old man wanted to keep him in suspense so he made the three swordsmen in southern Yunnan very anxious but they didn't say anything Although he was anxious on the surface he had to be calm so that he could say it earlier

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