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"Come in" Sikong said lightly Holding a basin of water the maidservant went to the bedside He wrung out the towel and carefully wiped Xue Ling's face neck and palms The warm touch made Xue Ling feel comfortable close her eyes and feel sleepy When the maid finished wiping the tired Xue Ling fell asleep again in a twinkling The maidservant gently untied the cloth on her shoulder the ferocious wound appeared and Sikong Qing squinted with displeasure Feeling the cold breath on Sikong Qing's body the maidservant's body trembled her hands were unstable stainless steel tube fitting and she exerted too much force Xue Ling could not help snorting in her sleep and the maid was so frightened that she immediately knelt on the ground The palace the master of the palace and the maidservant are not intentional Ask the palace master to atone for his sins! "Get out!"

As soon as the cold voice fell the maid rolled and crawled and ran out even using her flying skills The master of the palace has always been indifferent his emotions are not exposed and he seldom gets angry but just now there was a sudden surge of murderous look Because the woman was injured the Lord of the Dark Pavilion one of the four envoys knelt outside the door for a day and two nights The maidservant secretly frightened that woman how can unexpectedly let the palace master so look at each other! Sikong Qing bent down dipped his fingers in the ointment gently smeared it on the wound of Xue Ling's left shoulder and then wrapped it up with a brand-new cloth The sword wound was so close to her heart that if she went down an inch the thin woman might never open her bright eyes and brass tube fitting look at herself Thinking of this Sikong Qing could not help but tremble in his heart Yes Since he became famous countless people have died at his hands in the past few years In the face of all kinds of masters there has never been a trace of timidity At this moment holding Xue Ling's soft little hand I felt afraid for the first time Thinking of his mother's fragile and regretful smile when she was dying he did not want to feel the pain of life and death again and could not face death again Sikong Qing lowered his eyes covered his eyes with a touch of melancholy tucked in the quilt and got up to leave the room Why He turned his back to Xuan Mo and asked lightly with his negative hand

Why didn't you help her "There is no need for the weak around the master of the palace!" Xuan Mo knelt on the ground and bowed his head and answered firmly Nowadays Turning to look at Xuan Mo Sikong Qing continued to ask Xuan Mo raised his head and answered in a deep voice His subordinates will follow his wife to the death! "Very good" Sikong Qing raised his lips "Now do what you have to do" "Yes" Xuan Mo answered in surprise and as soon as his figure moved he quickly returned to the garrison position in the room That night he could have saved Xue Ling but he stayed in the tree and watched The woman was too weak to lift her hands or carry her shoulders and she didn't even have the ability to protect herself Had it not been for Leng Yunzhuo's constant care and the spoiling of the palace master it would have been impossible for him to live to the present But that night she faced the assassin without a trace of cowardice in her eyes When the sword was thrust at her she did not retreat but advanced and the dagger in her hand calmly cut the side of her opponent's neck At that moment he admired the weak woman from the bottom of his heart She may be far inferior to the master of the palace or even inferior to any of the inferior maidservants in Lingxiao Palace

However 38 tube fitting her actions show that she is more qualified than anyone else to stand beside the palace master Xuan Mo finally has some understanding of why the palace master chose such an ordinary woman alone Qing I have to go back quietly The assassination of the Blood Shadow Building failed and he should know by now Leng Yunzhuo looked at Sikong Qing who was walking towards him and said with a smile By the way how about borrowing it from Xuanyi "Good" Sikong Qing answered briefly looking at Leng Yunzhuo with cold eyes Leng Yunzhuo put away his smiling face and sighed lightly Don't worry he's already aware of it

If I hadn't come forward to fight with Xueming and let Xuanyuan Yu outside know that you were here it would have been even more troublesome "Is Xiaoxue all right now" Seeing Sikong Qing nodding Leng Yunzhuo smiled and said Qing didn't you embarrass Mo again It's not all his fault But unexpectedly Xiaoxue showed great power and surprised us all Reached out and patted Sikong Qing on the shoulder "It's a blessing in disguise Now they admit Xiaoxue don't they" "When will we leave" Sikong Qing asked in a low voice Looking up at the sun Leng Yunzhuo smiled faintly Now Sikong Qing frowned Without further ado wait for my good news Leng Yunzhuo gave a gentle smile and turned away "Are you going to do it" Xuanyi stood beside the tree dressed in white still a cold face pale face slightly morbid Leng Yunzhuo smiled "It's better to strike first I've waited too long for this moment" He lowered his head and smiled bitterly "Xuanyi looked at him in silence with a complicated expression"

If we set off now we may be able to catch up with the emperor's birthday feast Leng Yunzhuo instantly swept away his gloomy expression teased and stepped out of the door Chapter 30 Two days of oral and external application Xue Ling's wound has been scarred as long as the range of movement is not large the left shoulder does not feel uncomfortable Remembering Sikong Qing's previous five-day appointment which happened to be the fifth day today Xue Ling stared longingly at Sikong Qing sitting on the edge of the bed and pulled his sleeve Sikong Qing looked at Xuanqin standing aside Xuanqin understood and unfolded a sunny smiling face saying Madam's injury is not harmful Yuyang Pavilion today's landscape only once a year it is a pity to miss The palace master might as well go with his wife and his subordinates will prepare the carriage Seeing Sikong Qing nodding slightly Xue Ling blinked her bright eyes and grinned These days Sikong Qing said nothing for her to move around eating and drinking in bed lying all over the body stiff Xue Ling quickly jumped out of bed and was about to go to the wardrobe barefoot

The body suddenly flew back to the bed Sitting on the edge of the bed she looked straight at Sikong Qing with a sad face Did he change his mind With a faint smile on Sikong Qing's plain face he went straight to the wardrobe picked out a light blue dress and went to Xueling Since that day the transferred maid hurt Xue Ling when she was rubbing the medicine and Sikong Qing only allowed her to wait outside the door Washing cleaning the wound applying medicine and dressing are all done by him

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