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The Reappearance Myth of Online Games

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Posted: 8/14/2022
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Ludie J. Lykes


The Reappearance Myth of Online Games

With the help of elemental perception Suye eliminated the first layer of enemy encounters ahead of time and went directly into the second layer of the Stone Forest Zone At a distance of 3 fierce yards under the shadow of elemental perception almost no monster could deceive his perception However he was still careful to follow the plan using the way of attracting monsters stainless steel toilet attracting monsters one by one and then solving them advancing conservatively If you want to know how the funeral please log 6 muscle more chapters support the author support genuine reading! Chapter 216 the sea of skeletons

Along the way with a careful attitude the whole process went very smoothly Although the time spent is much slower than the storm it wins in stability and harmony According to the original plan from the scheduled route on the map the night heart faintly relieved looking at a stone wall barrier not far away knowing that it is the second and third layers of the barrier line only into the rear of the stone wall can find the "magic moon grass" Elemental perception slightly swept around the stone forest he could not help but rejoice that the route he planned to choose was not only calm but also rare monsters although the other routes were closer but there were twice as many monsters and it was likely to lead to more perceptive monsters

Suddenly the head of the night quickly raised toward the southwest southeast several directions Breathing stopped for a while There was a trace of horror in his face and it was obvious that he was startled by the sudden feeling The color of consternation faded slowly for a while but the eyes had no time to withdraw Boom boom Rumble Suddenly there was a slight tremor on the ground which also confirmed that the feeling of the night side was not wrong but at the same time he could not help but gasp blurting out a suppressed sound of slight horror "What a huge element of condensation ah!"!

Is afraid that the person who displays the element attack has reached the strength of more stainless steel squatting pan than 6 ranks! Suye had always had a strange feeling in his heart There was some confusion and conjecture He had met only a handful of Elementalists in the Forbidden Place of Death but in fact there were not a few Elementalists who had entered the Forbidden Place of Death However a few Elementalists had rarely met He had been guessing where these Elementarians had gone Unexpectedly these Elementalists gathered around the ruins of the palace Powerful element destructive power let the heart of the night a tremor but he did not have the original perturbed there is no fear on the face but a little more excitement There are several reasons but the most convincing one is that with the pathfinding of these elementalists and the attitude of pioneers he can at least fish in troubled waters to collect "magic moon grass" Second he can also take the opportunity to see the strength of the sixth-order elementalists

In fact it is absolutely a lie to say that the ruins of this palace do not have any attraction for the night He had always thought that the map of the palace ruins was only his own so he would not share the secret with others and now the attack of these Elementalists had awakened the night in an instant If only the maintenance of Staples to get the map has a ghost think of this forbidden place of death after so many years Time Delay Tap how many routes have not been explored by the lords with the degree of cunning of these people can be seen they are no less than ordinary people's minds but also have greedy emotions will naturally appear today's scene However Suye could not be sure how many road maps he had how many secrets he knew about the palace ruins of the forbidden place of death and the only certainty was that what he had encountered this time was obviously not the secret he could touch now

His eyes flickered constantly but a powerful elemental Time Delay Tap bombardment also made the monsters on several routes here restless with faint signs of irascible movement Damn is that huge elemental skill so destructive Depend on it I wasted my cautious treading on thin ice mood and all my previous efforts were wasted With a low curse in his heart in order to enter the second layer safely he used low-level elemental skills to reduce the perception of other monsters to the elements As a result he did not expect to solve the trouble on this side and there was a lot of trouble sent to him

In this third of a second the night heart hesitated to switch the elemental skills of the group or still low-level elemental skills to kill monsters after a little hesitation the night quickly made a decision because the second and third layers of the stone wall the general elemental attack distance can not be perceived elemental perception can rarely penetrate the stone wall Another possibility is to take something like a huge agglomeration of elements that will make people feel present Therefore there is not much scruple in the heart of stainless steel shower tray the night Immediately his elemental staff net clenched but quickly raised his eyebrows his eyes fell in the direction of the distance where once again condensed a strong wave of elements and then the heart of the night moved the movements of his hands did not slow down a little a flame burning just right accompanied by a roar of the earth Jump up from the center of the earth and attack the second layer of irascible monsters when people are unprepared

Boom boom Rumble Powerful elements bombarded the ground an illusion that the earth could not bear the imminent collapse of the mind the ground constantly trembled strongly followed by a slight shaking of the body of the night but it was very easy to balance down facing the fierce and roaring monster Element control ability is also very good Flame wind soil thorns earth walls One by one within the power of the element attack constantly blocking the thunderous monster they are only pinned down along with the perception of the distance constantly moving involved calmly defused the attack again and again the second layer of the monster gradually reduced the other side is constantly rumbling deafening That unceasingly produces the element to condense thoroughly will sleep the night to display … Jiang Chuan steamed and breathed to wipe the clip Not surprisingly there was no one to lead Xin Chongba to avoid On the other side of the map there was a low-level yuan Youshi in their hearts trying to fish in troubled waters "Bang and Long Quilt" A strong wind element quickly condensed forming a strong whirlwind tearing around the monster pulling into the center of the whirlwind a slightly strange sound a low explosion "Ding your skill" whirling storm Level up Advanced

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