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Quick-wear system: villain boss attack by Mo Ling

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Posted: 8/14/2022
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Ludie J. Lykes


Quick-wear system: villain boss attack by Mo Ling

"Do I look good" Mingshu had a head coming out from behind The other side is stupefied wretched smile "good-looking good-looking of course good-looking like you so clean good-looking girl can not find" "I can let you" Better looking yuan Ye hugged Ming Shu in his arms and interrupted him "It's all right I'll go first" Let her go on this snake spirit disease may be directly attacked The impatient color of the field's face can already be described by substance Only then did the other party laugh twice "Who are these" He is looking at Li Jianren The mouse and Huang Zheng do not trust Li Jianren to throw outside although Mingshu's army is outside but there is no accident So they wrapped Li Jianren plastic wheelie bins up and brought him in Anyway he didn't know the heat But in the weather that everyone hates to wear a person wrapped up so tightly will certainly attract people's attention A brother I know outside The field looked at him impatiently "Is it your turn to ask about me" "Ha ha ha ha I dare not I'm just curious about how this brother is wrapped up like this on a hot day" The mouse and Huang Zheng became nervous Su Tai motioned them not to show any difference with his eyes He's sick

"What do you think" Asked yuan Ye "No no" The other side waved his hand The other side of the line of sight in a few small body stay for a few minutes the small zombie only with a baseball cap it looked up at each other the small face is a little pale but and zombies have been completely unlinked That person to the eyes of the small zombie inexplicably feel a little annoying The hot weather can't dispel the coldness The little zombie is full of these that look delicious and want to eat He rubbed his arms "Don't bother" These people brought back from the wilderness are so strange that we have to check them carefully Right The other party took a few steps turned around and looked somewhat gloomy "Now that I'm back I'll go to the eldest brother first The eldest brother was looking for you before" The field did not answer him and the other side did not care humming a flowing tune and leaving Oh this is not our captain Liang Xuanliang how to make such a mess Liang Xuan Mingshu glanced back from the bosom of the field Liang Xuan and others were in a mess as if they had come out of a refugee camp They lost a lot of people at least the people they saw last time and now there are only three When the other party talked to her Liang Xuan just threw a cold face and turned a corner to go the other way Bah! What are you dragging The wretched man kept spitting in the back "wait for the boss to get it done I have to taste the taste of this girl" yuanye did not let go of Mingshu so he hugged her and walked forward Many people knew yuanye along the way but when they saw him hugging Mingshu they dared not put their eyes on her Su Tai and the mouse several people look at each other strangely this

What's going on Zombie emperor usually who touches her will be angry for a long time today the field so hugged her she did not respond Think about it carefully along the way although the zombie emperor is against the wilderness but the behavior of the wilderness is very indulgent plastic trash bins Think carefully and fear Hey have you had enough Mingshu slanted his head and looked at the field The latter did not squint heard the voice as if just found the general dislike to let go I'm the one who suffers "That's really sorry" Mingshu smiled "Next time you touch me I'll cut off your hand so that you won't suffer losses" “……” The field thrust his hand into his trouser pocket and strode forward I'm going to touch you You can kill me if you have the ability! Hum! He seemed to be able to feel the delicacy under his clothes when he rubbed his fingers slightly in his trousers pocket Cold and soft Stay here temporarily Open the door of the field it is a house with three bedrooms and two living rooms foldable bulk container The lighting is good so the whole house is like a steamer Mingshu walked around the room The bed and furniture in the room were complete There are many trophies and awards on the bookshelves in the room There are several pictures hanging on the middle wall Mice and others also found it The field leaned against the wall "This is my house" "I forgot you were from Ancheng" The mouse locked Li Jianren in the study first The field simply pointed out several rooms to them in addition to the one he lived in there were two bedrooms and a study left Mingshu as a zombie emperor occupies a room alone Ye Xiangsi took several children to sleep in one room The little zombie and Li Jianren live in the study Mouse and Su Tai can only sleep on the sofa

After the arrangement yuanye changed his clothes "I'll go out and bring you dinner Don't go out" He went to the window and looked out After a moment he said "If someone knocks at the door looking for trouble let them look for me" Leave after the explanation of the field Su Tai chased him out "Wilderness" The field was waiting for him sideways Because it was outside Su Tai could only lower his plastic pallet manufacturer voice "What happened to you and the poisonous spider" Wilderness knows what Su Tai wants to say a word is in place directly "I and poisonous spider are not the same person I have something to do" Chapter 808 Dawn Hunting (24) The former official office building in Anseong At this time it has been occupied by poisonous spiders and others the building has power supply and the field takes the elevator up Captain Liang worked hard to bring back such important news I will pass on the news and let the brothers pay attention to it Elevator door opens poisonous spider is sending Liang Xuan and others to the front of the elevator attitude looks polite but not much sincerity When the elevator door opened the poisonous spider took a look inside His eyes narrowed and he said

"Brother Wilderness is back" He turned to Liang Xuan and said "Then I won't see you off Captain Liang please" Liang Xuan's line of sight looked around the field one person into the elevator one person out of the elevator There is always a sense of impatience between the eyebrows of the field and it looks a little fierce Liang Xuan can't help but look twice more this man She hasn't seen it before The elevator door closed slowly and when the elevator was about to close completely she suddenly saw the man look back at her I can't tell you what it feels like I feel a little uncomfortable And it looks familiar Then the elevator closed and began to descend Bang- The whole building shuddered The poisonous spider looked in the direction of the elevator frowning slightly

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